Subaru Spark Plugs

What do they do?

Spark plugs are a crucial part of your engine's functioning. Spark plugs are what ignites the air/fuel mixture to create engine power. A spark plug is built to work continuously for hundreds of thousands of kilometers.

New, or well-functioning spark plugs allow for better performance, maximum fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, and faster cold weather starts.

Why replace them?

Spark plugs endure the most intense conditions of the vehicle - including tremendous pressure and heat (400-900°C).

Over time, the electrode tip of a spark plug will erode, affecting performance. Additionally, carbon deposits from combustion will contaminate the tips of the spark plugs (where the spark comes from), which reduces efficiency.

The result of wear and deposits results in harder starting of the vehicle, a loss of power, higher fuel consumption, and increased emissions.

When to replace?

Spark plugs should be replaced according to Subaru's recommended maintenance schedule for your vehicle. Consult your Service Advisor at Whitby Subaru to determine the schedule for your vehicle.